The famous marriage topic

“Oh, you’re not married?” she said, shocked.

We as young women, face this question a lot. As if it was something wrong that we aren’t.
Nowadays, no matter what society, or what community you’re from, people always try to know your marital situation.
And when they find out that you’re single, they feel bad for you.

Oh, you’re not married, but you have a boyfriend, right?” and when you answer is no, they tend to take upon themselves to match you up with someone.

Do we need a man absolutely in our lives right away?
Well, some people don’t understand that being single for some women is by choice. It doesn’t mean they don’t want to get married. It just means that at this moment of their life they want to focus on building themselves, before accepting someone into their life that will have the same vision than them to build something greater.

Sometimes you have to focus on yourself, to build yourself up, to achieve your personal goals and to become the woman you want to be before considering being with someone. It’s ok. And usually these women believe in destiny and in Allah’s plans : that’s being confident.


Marriage should not be seen as the ultimate goal of someone’s life, it’s a step that is entered by choice at the right moment with the right person. Women are persons in their own rights, and can become strong and accomplished person being married or not.

Some women want absolutely someone in their lives and that’s up to them. Some are focused on other things for the moment and don’t see a relationship as a priority.  So single and married women should not be judged but respected for their choices and for what they are : women.

Because women seem to be always judged for the choices they make or for their situation, for men it seems not to be the case but we don’t have their point of view on the matter.

Again it’s just a question of letting people live their life as they wish, respect it and not trying to impose society codes, people’s thought on them.

We are all at different stages in our lives, let’s not judge each other or try to impose things on others, and just lift each other up.

With love

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