Travel diary : our experience in Qatar or how to mix business and leisure

We went to Qatar for the first time for some of us in September.

The travel was defined and set up mostly for business purpose : we had planned interviews with inspiring women living in Doha, as we launched the Elegant and Humble project. And as we explained in our portraits (check the About section 😉 ) we work notably on a fashion entrepreneurial project in parallel to our current work, so we had meetings planned with future partners, suppliers and places to visit.


But travelling for business purpose should not prevent you from visiting a city or country : here are some tips based on our own experience.

1 – Identify what is the purpose of your trip and what you want to get out of it

If you are working for a company, you already know why you are travelling to Qatar and when : but unfortunately some companies send you there and you discover the program after your arrival. So ask your manager. And ask yourself if you should not use this opportunity to discover the country.

If you are an entrepreneur you have to define things all by yourself 🙂 (freeedom) : you are setting up or running a business so ask yourself why going to Qatar can be an opportunity for your business/project and how. And you already have the answers. You can define the dates first or after (it’s better to already have them in mind, which was our case, to anticipate).

2 – Book your trip asap to get better prices and choose well your hotel

If you know the dates book your trip (try during night time to get cheaper fees) : the sooner the better. Don’t book the first package that seems interesting and use a different browser or IP adress to search. A business trip usually implies many meetings and events, so choose a hotel in which you will get some rest, in or near the city center, and with adequate equipments.

3 – Consequently identify business places and people to meet and contact them.

This adresses more entrepreneurs/business women or men. Now you know why you are going to Qatar and how the trip can benefit your business, it’s time to make searches on who you want or need to meet. Use Google, Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook.

Then use your personal network or the previous tools to contact the desired person or place, but go straight to the point when writing your message. Dare, because opportunities don’t fall from the sky ;). You have to cause them.

4 – Define your business /work planning taking into account their availability

Once you got in touch with the person you will get an answer. Be patient and positive you will get it. Tell them your dates and ask them their availability, usually they will ask you to define a date. Let them then choose the hour that arrange them.

5 – Define places of encounter

If you need to discuss in a quiet place definitely enjoy opportunities in your hotel (you paid for it by the way) : there are usually meeting rooms, lounge, and quiet restaurants adapted to business. Ask the staff. In Doha we went to Crowne Plaza hotel, and honestly  we managed to get some rest, to book the lounge for our meetings. And the staff was really nice and helpful.

Suggest your hotel to the person you will meet. If it’s not convenient then discuss together to define the best place to meet.

6 – Make research on the city and the country to see what you can discover about the culture and traditions, but not only

If you don’t do researches no one will do it for them (except if you pay a travel agency or a travel planner).

Except if you travel with a girl squad and you organize the travel together 😀 (our case). Ask someone living there about places you must visit (it was our case) BUT please take some time to do researches BY YOURSELF first, yes you are a grown up now ;), before asking.

A post is coming inshallah on the 10 things (at least) to do when being in Qatar :D.

7 – Fill in the blanks in your planning with places that interest you

The puzzle begins ^^, and that’s the funniest part as you realize you want to visit everything. Check on a map where are located the places you want to visit and assemble them in the most optimum way.

Well we advise you to try to define priorities and to put the most important places you want to enjoy : if you don’t see a place during this trip you will come back later ;).

Otherwise you will be tired if there are many things to do. Honestly we were tired each day when coming back to the hotel but so happy and excited to have discovered Doha and the country <3. It’s up to you 🙂 .

8 – Extra tip : Honestly if you really want to enjoy your travel you must definitely visit the city/country with someone living there and knowing which typical and reknowned places to visit. See the magic !

We met wonderful women and men living in Qatar, and we visited some places that we would never have visited by ourselves otherwise !

With love <3
















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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