Before giving your time, energy and attention, please take care of yourself

All what we say is based on our personal experiences, that we want to share through our platform.

Do you know you will live all your life with one person who will be stuck on you ?

We are not speaking about your spouse, your mother or your child. We are speaking about yourself.

You are the person you will spend every seconds, minutes, hours and days of your life with.

What does it mean?

It implies you have to take care of this person, to love her and to make her happy in order to live your life fully.

Let’s take some typical examples.

Usually when we are not in a good mood or feel bad we will see everything black. And we will feel like we can’t do anything to change our situation. That we are a victim of a particular situation or context. You may want to cry but you don’t know why. So you go on Youtube or Netflix and stay as much as possible under your blanket, with a cup of hot tea/chocolate and some cookies. Or you complain to a friend or to our family as if the whole world was against us. Or you will eat junk food.

In that case do you take care of yourself? The answer is no of course. You are just losing your time and in denial.

Sometimes we are so stuck in our daily routine : waking up, going to school/work, studying/working, going back home, taking care of the family, chilling, sleeping. So stuck that we don’t really take time to take care of ourselves.

See some mothers (who do a wonderful work by the way). See how they are trying to be the perfect wife, mother, sister, daughter, neighbour and so on. What happen to them sometimes ? They break down. Because they don’t give themselves or we don’t give them enough time to take care of themselves.

We are not perfect and we will never be perfect. But we have to aim to become the best version of ourselves. In order to reach this goal you have to be self-conscious. 

Imagine you are a box and your box is full of chocolates. The more you will take care of others, the more people will be happy, the more chocolates you will give, the less the box will be filled in. Till the box becomes empty.

What happens when the box becomes empty? You can’t give chocolates anymore, people outside are expecting their chocolates to come, you feel stressed and you know you can’t make them happy. People can’t give their chocolates to you otherwise their box will become empty too. So you break down.

How can you do to fill in that box? Which is your box, which is yourself in fact.

Well the answer seems easy : you have to take some time for yourself. You have to take care of yourself. Because no one will do it for you except yourself.

Taking care of yourself can be done through different ways and is personal, adapt it to your situation and your hobbies:

  • Taking time to have a great breakfast in the morning by waking up earlier
  • Setting up a morning and/or evening ritual
  • Sitting down and taking minutes of your precious time to meditate, and feeling your breathing
  • Praying in a quiet place
  • Painting or drawing without having a specific goal in mind
  • Cooking your favorite recipe and bringing it to work instead of buying the same sandwich everyday
  • Eating your meal slowly because this is not a race and you are not late
  • Having a walk outside and watching the beauty of nature
  • Having a bath/shower with essential oils
  • Putting some oil/cream on your body after your shower
  • Doing some sport after waking up or after work
  • Reading a book…

You may think it sounds like cliches. But try it first and see the difference. Give yourself a few minutes at least per day.

Once your box is filled in, you will be able to give. Till that’s not the case, you won’t be able to give : you will be able to receive but you won’t be complete.

Feed your mind, heart and soul without forgetting your body, give yourself that time and that love, then you can conquer anything.

And you how do you take care of yourself?


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