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We would like to thank Gazal Shaikh and her team, who took time to make this interview come true. Hoping you will get an inspiration boost by reading it…

We met Gazal Shaikh on September the 13th, in the afternoon. At Crowne Plaza Doha. She was the first inspiring lady who showcased interest for an interview with us thanks to her Instagram followers.

What we noticed immediately was her shimmering colorful saree giving her pride and her strength melted with kindness, and her warmth. Gazal Shaikh has had not an easy path to reach where she is today, but her passion and perseverance made her one of the most reknowned blogger in Qatar, thanks to her style and fashion sense, and through authentic messages she shares with her audience on her platform Iamgazal. Details are revealed below…

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As we come from France, Can you tell our audience more about you and what you are doing in life?

I am Gazal, I’m a blogger and a fashion designer based in Doha, Qatar. I come from Mumbai, India. I am a simple person, with simple rules. I try to be authentic in all areas of my life. For me, it is a consistent reminder of where I’m coming from, where I’m going and what I’ll be always.

Can you tell us what led you to your current career path? As a fashion designer, an inspiring person, leading and having founded Iamgazal, did you make particular choices or did you already know who you wanted to be?

Honestly, after completing Fashion designing, I’ve always wanted to launch my own Fashion Label.

But, blogging just happened to me. I never decide to become a blogger. I happened to post my styling and travelling pictures on Instagram. And gradually people here in Doha started liking my posts.

With time, I started liking the response that I was getting from this medium. I thought of taking it to a professional level, making it more appealing to the brands and make business out of it. This is how it began.

It’s usually important to keep one’s goal in mind, to define steps, and an action plan to reach one’s goal. How did you do ?

I did not decide anything particularly, when I started this platform. I was just enjoying the small moments, the work I was doing.

And now I’ve reached a point where I have a goal, not only about fashion, styling and traveling, through my blog I am constantly trying to make a difference around me, so people can learn more about their culture, they can feel more confident about themselves, about who they are.

It’s not only about travelling, fashion and styling, rather it’s more on sharing my thoughts and views with the people around me.

What do you want Iamgazal to be known for, for instance in a few years?

Since the beginning, I have been trying to keep the authenticity and simplicity of my blog. I want my blog to be known as a platform which people can trust for honest reviews of products and brands. I want to build a relationship of honesty and authenticity between me and the viewers of my blog.

Gazal collaborates especially with Massimo Dutti

As you showcase some brands, products, what make you decide to set up a collaboration with them?

Honestly, if I like the brand, I just collaborate. Sometimes it’s the brand value that I see, sometimes it is the way they approach me. How it’s showing, if they really want to collaborate with me because I can add something to their brand or business, or do they just want to collaborate because they have to collaborate with some bloggers.

It’s very important for me.

Honesty and authenticity being really important to you, can you tell us what you do like about your job?

What is important in any area of work is freedom. Freedom of creativity, of choosing project, of speaking my thoughts.

Through this work and job, I get the freedom of spending time on myself and with my family so I don’t need to compromise on these areas.

As we want to inspire women (editor’s note : now we want to inspire women and men), we would like to speak about self-development. We are thinking that each of us when we wake up in the morning must know why we wake up, we must know in this life what is our why. Can you tell us what is your why and why do you wake up in the morning?

The answer to this question is really in 2 words : my family. It’s like them and then the rest. Right now, if I am asked if everything is taken away from me, I can easily give up on everything except my family. So yes, that’s the reason for me to wake up in the morning.

Family has a supporting role especially for women, during difficult time, and easier time. Can you tell us before speaking of success, what is family’s role in one’s success? Do you have any stories to share, as usually before reaching success we have to struggle, so tell us about you?

As far as I know about successful people, all of them might have been through a lot of failures and rejection. I wouldn’t say that I’m successful yet. I more of on a journey where I’m going ahead towards it.

For me, the happiness and peace of mind that one gets through work is the measure of success. If you have a target or a goal you decide to reach, by reaching there you can call yourself successful.

But, until unless you get rejection, and you struggle to get there, even if success given to you, you won’t be able to maintain it. Because to maintain it, and to have the consistency, one has to know the in and out and that, you will get it only with experience. So, if you have some goals and you want to reach there, you have to be prepared mentally to get rejected many times.

I’ll be very honest, whatever place I am today, it was not at all easy. I had to see more than 50 rejections in my initial state. I had to face people who see through me, they wouldn’t acknowledge me, my presence was not desired for so many people. All this time, what I thought that mattered is my family, which kept motivating me and never let me give up on my path.

Life isn’t that straightforward, there are moments of difficulties and moments of ease. As you said each thing happening to us, in a bad or good way is an experience that makes us learn. If you were speaking to the younger Gazal, what would be the advices that you would have given to her and that could be advices to other young women regarding how you built yourself and your career?

I feel making a career is the most important part of a woman’s life, this should be the priority before committing to the future-family. Because when you’re independent you feel more positive and secured about future. You are ready to face and manage anything that’ll wrong in future.

You are the mother of a beautiful daughter, as you told us family is very important for you, what’s the difference between the Gazal before motherhood and after?

I would say that, after becoming mother, I have become more humble, understanding and responsible towards my actions. Motherhood has taught me a lot, to be focused and calm in any situation. Because when raising a child, you have to be focused and patient to let go situations sometimes, which you cannot control and that you can’t handle by yourself.

When you are a mother, you are very young and you don’t know how to do everything, but with time, you learn. And when you’re learning you actually feel that you are becoming better and more mature […]

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