Interview with Shefa Ali – Elegant and humble x missshefa – Doha, Qatar

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We met Shefa Ali on September the 13th, in the evening. At Crowne Plaza Doha. She was the first inspiring lady who accepted to be interviewed by our team. What we noticed immediately was her warm smile, her eyes full of life and the glow she had, probably coming from the goodness and positivity she tries to spread constantly in life.

Shefa Ali has had a successful career in the communication field, until one day life made her doing changes and seeking for a more meaningful journey. You will find out more information on her life, the messages she wants to share with us in the following interview..

Can you tell us more about you who you are and how would you describe yourself, meaning who is Shefa?

My name is Shefa, I am a consultant and a life coach, I would describe myself as a progressive voice for my generation. I believe I am the person that starts the conversations that matter to young people. I like to have conversations about self-expression, about diversity, and anything that matters to the community around me, I feel like it’s my responsibility to open these kind of conversations.

Through our platform, we want to share this responsibility by showcasing among others inspiring women. What led you to your current career path, as you said you were consultant and life coach, and you seem to do yoga?

I went to India to study yoga for 3 months, because I love learning. One of my favourite things is to learn and teach what I learn. What led me to my current career, is the fact I love people. I find human connection one of the most beautiful things in the world. I am a consultant in communications, so obviously I love communicating with people.

And then being a coach it gives me that one on one time with people, where you get that deeper soul level connection. The real reason why I do what I do…. I believe as human beings we’re more connected than what we realize.

We think that someone who is outside of our family, or out of our social circle, doesn’t affect us, but I want to challenge that way of thinking, we all affect each other. That gentleman that’s working in the restaurant comes and serves you a coffee for instance, and the coffee is not good. Then you go and fight with someone, and then this person goes and fights with someone else. You know, we are all connected, my job as a coach is to support my clients to live their best life, a more fulfilling life. Because all the vibrations we put out, they will affect others.

It’s like mother Teresa, said “The problem with the world today is that we draw our circle of family too small.” we just think it’s only our parents, our brothers and sisters. But it’s not, we are all part of this thing called life.

We all have a responsibility in fact in the way the world turns…

It’s basically the rent we pay for living on this earth, you pay a rent when you live in a house, you’re occupying space on this earth so it’s the rent that you pay: caring about humanity.

We feel like you really like humans in your gaze, as the saying : eyes are the reflect of the soul, we are very happy to have you here. You have many projects on which you are working, especially charity ones, can you tell us more about those ?

To read more please check the PDF interview above ;).

Thanks a lot to Shefa for having accepted this interview with us ! It was a deep conversation. We hope this interview will benefit you. We focus on quality : the interview may sound long but was rich in discussions.

To know more about Shefa you can check her professionnal website and you will find her on Instagram too @miss_shefa.

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