Interview with Rahat Mansoor – Elegant and humble x Rahat – Doha, Qatar

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We met Rahat Mansoor on September the 16th, in the afternoon. At Crowne Plaza Doha. She accepted to be interviewed knowing she had a busy agenda, she went directly to a meeting after our interview.

Rahat came to us in a comfortable and elegant kameez matching with a jean, we immediately noticed her attentive gaze and her calmness, even though she had a hectic schedule.

Rahat Mansoor has began her career in finances in Doha after having studied in Pakistan, Her professionnal and associative experiences led her to create a company, Talents and Resources Qatar, and to launch especially fashion events in Doha. More details are revealed below…

Can you introduce yourself and tell us how you would define yourself ?

I am going to start with my name, my name is Rahat Mansoor, and I did my MBA in Pakistan. Then I came to Qatar to start my career in Qatar Airways 19 years ago. I was working later in banks, after the banks I worked for United Banks Limited then for Mashreq Bank in Doha. I selected then a career which is totally different from my previous experiences, because I was working as a credit analyst.

I chose the business of marketing sales and events. It did not happen planned, it was unplanned actually. But it happened, and now I am really thankful to God, that that whatever I have selected, I have proved myself

You are the founder of Talent Resources Qatar and the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, can you tell us more about their purposes ?

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Doha is an event that happens twice a year to promote fashion and beauty in Qatar, this is the most elegant event that is used to happen.

And Talent resources is a company that I’ve created 10 years ago, when I quit my bank and just started. This is a company through which we are offering different services : event management, model management,
entertainment, celebrity management, anything related to events.

It’s like a one stop shopping, you don’t have to go door to door : you can just come and we execute your idea in a better way, we can give you more ideas, you know, if you want to plan an event you can just come to us and say that you want to organize an event and we will do everything for you.

Many people in Qatar may need your services, as they prefer to have someone managing the whole event instead of having all the stress.

Exactly, because we are taking all their stress. (Laughs)

Through our platform we want to talk about self development, and building oneself, as it will be linked to how the person will be perceived. Can you tell us about your why, I mean you live this life, but what for, what is the sense of your life?

The suggestion I would make for self-development is that the first thing would be, as I read many books, I love reading and I keep reading you know, apart of the career, as a person, you need to be a good human. And to be a good human you should start from your own self. You have to love yourself.

If you love yourself you will love others. If you don’t love yourself, if you’re criticizing, you go in front of a mirror and say “oh my God, I am not good, my eyes are not enough, my hair is not good, why God has made short height, why am I not tall…

So first love yourself, accept yourself, and of course from there, the progress starts. Do you know what is the thing that make us hate each other? It’s jealousy. Be grateful for whatever you have. You should not have greed. When the greed comes, everything is spoiled.

Whatever God has given you, maybe you are a billionaire, millionaire, you are working, you have not that much things, but whatever God has given you be grateful, and you’ll see magic happens. If you’re not grateful for what you are and what you have, you won’t attract good things in your life.

Success can have several definition according to people. How would you define the road you had to go through to be where you are today? As first you worked at Qatar airways, then in a bank, then you set up your own company…

For success, I will start with a quote, “difficult roads often lead to beautiful destination” and another one “no pain no gain”.

And my slogan, the line I have mentioned on Facebook and everywhere is “nothing is impossible, even the word itself says I’m possible”. If you are determined, if you are willing, like you know you have to do it, then you can do it.

The determination should be there and of course everyone sees the success but no one sees behind it the sleepless nights, the pain. There are so many things that only the person who has been through all that knows, but not everyone.

If you have the courage to deal with these difficulties, definitely the success is yours.

That is what we call resilience, meaning having the ability to go through difficulties, experiences that will build you even more stronger

True. Sometimes you know even we as humans are very impatient. If something bad happens we think it’s not going to be right. But you don’t know. Maybe this bad thing is preparing you for the next steps.

Sometimes the cyclones, the breaks that are happening are happening to clear your path. It’s not happening to break you but to make you. So you should be strong enough to deal with it.

You have to be consistent, consistency is a must, and to love what you do. It was not easy to do what I did, starting fashion shows etc.… There were no fashion shows happening in Qatar, so of course it took me time, to be there, to make this idea acceptable.

But now it’s happening, everybody loves the idea, everybody loves my show. Because I was consistent, even some people were telling me ‘no leave it, you cannot do it’. I was thinking during two years that I will do it and make it happen, and I don’t care of what people say.

For 2 years, I was trying here and there, I said “I will make it happen”, I am not the person that will sit and wait for the things to happen. I will make it happen. And it happened. If you have that motivation, that determination which will not let you sleep, definitely you will do it.[…]

Thank you a lot to Rahat for having done this interview with us. Hoping it to inspire you.

You can find more information on Rahat through her Instagram account @rahatt_mansoor. Her company account :
@talentresourcesqa, the website being, the Mercedes-Benz fashion week @mbfwd

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